Tiny sunglasses are going to be huge according to Kanye West

Kim Kardashian recently sported a pair of minuscule shades on the advice of her stylist husband but its not an easy look to pull off From Joan Crawford to Jackie O, Kate Moss to Kanye West, a pair of sunglasses has long been the accessory weapon of the A list. They are a symbol that says: I am very famous, and have possibly recently had a facelift. But, as Kanye himself has recently decreed, the bigger the better is no longer the unspoken sunglasses rule. Instead, only tiny ones barely covering your eye sockets are cool now. Of course, viewers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians would know that already. Kim revealed that her husband, who doubles as her stylist when hes not busy being the real Kanye, has effectively outlawed big sunglasses. [Kanye] sent me a whole email like, You cannot wear big glasses any more. Its all about […] Read more »

Why 2017 was the year of the beauty mogul

Both Rihanna and Pat McGrath have laid the foundations for a more inclusive makeup industry in 2018 The year is drawing to a close with a diverse future of makeup finally shimmering on the horizon. The biggest names on the beauty scene over the past 12 months were Pat McGrath and Rihanna, both of whom created sellout products that corrected the beauty industrys longstanding Eurocentric approach, and were designed for use on all skin tones Rihanna with her Fenty range and beauty industry supremo McGrath with Pat McGrath Labs. These two moguls share a lot in approach. They both have huge and fervent social media followings (McGrath has 1.6 million Instagram followers; Rihanna has 58.5 million). They even share models plus-size beauty and Fenty Beauty campaign star Paloma Elsesser was originally a McGrath muse, discovered on Instagram. But the two took very different routes into beauty. McGrath is one of […] Read more »

Rihanna's third-annual Diamond Ball was a celebrity-filled spectacle and so much more

Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Clara Lionel Foundation It was a wonderful night. Jay-Z mingled with fellow tuxedo-clad guests. Beyoncé delicately dabbed her face with the finest of cloth napkins. Leonardo DiCaprio looked off in the distance as someone conversed with him. Kendrick Lamar handed me a microphone (yes, you read that right) and Cardi B's four assistants gathered her dress to help the "Bodak Yellow" queen make her way through the ballroom full of tables at Rihanna’s third annual Diamond Ball. In the middle of it all sat a 29-year-old Barbados born woman who needs no introduction, especially following the week she’s had launching an impressively successful (and inclusive) makeup launch and showing her Fenty Puma Spring 2018 collection during New York Fashion Week.  With all that is going on in her life, it’s easy to forget that the Robyn Rihanna Fenty does more than set trends, release party […] Read more »

Run this town: what Rihanna's power suit means for your autumn wardrobe

From her gargantuan red dress to her fluffy pink co-ords, a week in Rihannas style is a lesson in fabulousness. Its also a crib sheet for what you will be wearing in the new season Rihanna is used to breaking the fashion corner of the internet by now. There was her Met Ball dress in 2015, which quickly became a meme of various foodstuffs, including pizza and omelettes. Then came the wine glass as accessory last year. And the Gucci chainmail bodysuit at Coachella, which was posted as a selfie on Instagram along with the caption: I cant go home yet, cuz enough people aint seen my outfit. Dont fret, Riri! At the time of writing, 1,878,262 have seen it now, along with the lucky ones to encounter it IRL at the festival itself. In this past week, Rihanna has had a hat-trick of public appearances that she has, to […] Read more »

Rihanna Slayed Yet Another Red Carpet At The 'Valerian' Premiere PHOTOS

Rihanna hath slainme once again with her red carpet look atthe premiere. This movie is most likely going to suck, but her presence in it has secured my purchase of a ticket. The premiere was last night, July 17, 2017, in L.A., and the queen of red carpets/the Met Gala/fashion/everything arrived in a blush-colored gown and Twitter collectively (and happily) combusted. People were tweeting while waiting for her arrival, as one must do when Rihanna is on her way. They didn't care about anyone else, just Bad Gal RiRi. #Valerian premiere is ready for launch. Get ready for live coverage from the black carpet! pic.twitter.com/xQL2ugLXy1 Valerian Movie (@ValerianMovie) July 18, 2017   Let's get to the point hun. WHERE'S RIHANNA? https://t.co/hNZnWuA0Mn keils (@_kingRa) July 18, 2017   Are you ready for this look? I don't think you are, but here it is in all its blush glory: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images […] Read more »

Rihanna Wore A Glammed-Out Face Mask To Coachella And Pulled It Off Flawlessly

Every celebrity is trying to have the most eye-catching, gorgeous outfit for Coachella but obviously none of them can hold a candle to Rihanna. The singer showed up to the music festival over the weekend covered in crystals. And I mean literally head to toe in crystals! RiRi was truly beautiful, like a diamond in the sky, in a rhinestone silver bodysuit and face mask. Rih completed the look with rhinestone sunglasses, cutoff jean shorts, and a Gucci tank top with the words Common sense is not that common written on it in a marker. Instagram Rihanna also gave fans a look at what the wild outfit looks like without the mask covering her face. Instagram This glammed-out, otherworldly look seems to be perfectly in line with the Rihannas new aesthetic. Rih just completed filming her role as a fashionable, shape-shifting alien for the upcoming Valerian and the City of […] Read more »