How to have a good time at 'Alien: Covenant': A 5-step guide

For starters, it helps if you're actually looking at the screen instead of ... whatever that is. A can lid? Image: 20th Century Fox The reviews are in, and they're ... well. Much like Prometheus before it, Alien: Covenant is turning out to be a severely polarizing movie. But that doesn't mean Alien: Covenant isn't worth seeing, or that you won't like it. You just need to know how to like it. That's where we come in. SEE ALSO: Rick and Morty discover key to defeating 'Alien' facehuggers Much of the mixed reaction to Alien: Covenant seems to stem from the fact that it's not necessarily the movie that Alien fans were expecting. So we're to run down everything you need for a guaranteed* good time at Alien: Covenant. (* Note: good time not actually guaranteed. See #6.) 1. Don't expect a classic Alien movie This guy isn't in the […] Read more »

Why Tyra Banks In 'Life Size' Was So Important For Black Girls

Tyra Banks is an OG supermodel and icon with a long list of accomplishments. She started and hostedAmericas Next Top Model, shes a Victorias Secret alum, owns Tyra Beauty and more. Its easy to forget she once played the fierce and fabulous black doll, Eve, alongside Lindsay Lohan in the television Disney film, Life Size. That was, until shemade the big announcement that Life Size 2 willcome to silver screens during the holiday season in 2018 on Freeform (formerly, ABC Family). Shine bright. Life-Size 2 is coming, baby. 2018#Freeform Tyra Banks (@tyrabanks) April 21, 2017   In the original picture, a grieving Casey(Lohan) has just lost her mother and casts a spell to resurrect her. Something with the spell goes awry and instead, she brings her Eve doll to life. Though Caseyispissed at first, Eve in all her Barbie bubbly charm finally wins her over. Just when Casey and […] Read more »

'Snatched' is classic Schumer humor without the heart of 'Trainwreck'

It's been two years' since Amy Schumer's critically-acclaimed Trainwreck, and the comedian has hardly become complacent. In the interim, Schumer won an Emmy and then wrapped a season of Inside Amy Schumer, published The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, and wrote a screenplay with Jennifer Lawrence. Her latest film venture, the mother-daughter buddy-com Snatched, co-starring Goldie Hawn, isn't a Trainwreck-level breakthrough, and Schumer is in a much brighter public spotlight than she was in 2015. Mashable's Angie Han described the film as a "wasted opportunity" in which the leads outshine the story, and critics generally agreed that there is little beyond the surface. Find out what critics thought of Snatched below. SEE ALSO: Amy Schumer's 'Snatched' wants to be funny and emotional, but only succeeds at one of those things   Schumer & Hawn Owen Glieberman, Variety: Schumer is a virtuoso of cringe comedy. When her character, Emily, gets […] Read more »