Kid about to win bike race has some second thoughts at the finish line

Senn Swieters showed off some impressive skills in the Dutch Championship walking bike race. With all his opponents trailing far behind, it was almost certain the 2-year-old cyclist would secure the first place spot. However, plans changed mere inches from the finish line. Senn knows that when he crosses that line it's all over, and he just wanted to keep riding. You truly are a winner Senn. Read more: Read more »

Cool kid who read 1 million words is a true VIP

Friends, if this doesn't convince you that reading is cool, we don't know what to tell you. A young scholar at Britt David Magnet Academy in Columbus, Georgia is delighting the internet this week after he got the VIP treatment at the school's annual "Millionaire Bash." To be VIPs, students must read one million words throughout the school year. SEE ALSO: Toddler accidentally locks himself in car, has a great time getting rescued And this kid (along with two others) did the damn thing, as evidenced by the photos his uncle shared on Twitter. Shoutout to my nephew. His school had a "millionaire bash" for the kids that read over a million words in the school year. Celebs for a day. Maurrr (@HeatnBuckeyes) May 3, 2017 On Twitter, people congratulated the young reader on his outfit, his studiousness, and, of course, his attitude. All well-deserved, of course: this child […] Read more »