Eclipse America sends 15,000 free eclipse glasses to schools

Google and Mystery Science are giving elementary schools eclipse glasses. Image: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty A highly-anticipated total solar eclipse is set to cut a path across a large portion of the United States on August 21, but not everyone has the proper gear to see it safely. But some organizations want to change that. The company Mystery Science and Google just announced a partnership to provide 15,000 free eclipse glasses to elementary schools so that kids around the country can safely view the event. SEE ALSO: Your most basic and burning questions about next month's solar eclipse, answered Both kids and adults need eclipse glasses to filter the sun's strong light. The glasses use solar filters, not just color films like your everyday sunglasses, to protect your eyes. The only time it's safe to look without your eclipse glasses is during the brief period of total eclipse, when the moon […] Read more »

How Google could fire up its smart home play

When it was unveiled at last years I/O, Home felt like little more than Googles attempt to cash in on the Echos success. And the intervening year hasnt done a lot to dispel that notion. The company announced a handful of additions to Home and Assistant at this years event to try to pull even with Amazons lead, but the whole Google Home offering still feels ambling and aimless. That Google thought it had a slam dunk with Assistant on the mobile side hasnt helped much, either. Since launching on the Pixel back in October, the voice helper still has a limited reach. Amazon, meanwhile, has made the jump onto handsets by companies like HTC and Huawei, while others, including Samsung, have opted to just build their own damned assistant in house. Its clear Assistant is a long play for Google. The company has the technological infrastructure and machine learning […] Read more »