Mother Pence introduces 20,000 bees to D.C. because that's what that place needs

Image: chip somodevilla/Getty Images She's been quiet for a while, but we're proud to report: Karen Pence is officially back in the game. The vice president's wife, who he calls "Mother" in typical conservative Oedipal fashion, just installed anywhere from 15,000 20,000 bees at the Vice President residence. The second lady is responding to the rapid and alarming drop in the global bee population. Karen Pence believes in science! SEE ALSO: What's Mike Pence thinking about in this photo? Like pretty much everything good in the Trump administration, Karen appears to have copied her idea from Michelle Obama. In 2009, Michelle helped to introduce over 35,000 bees to the White House. It's unclear how many bees the Vice President residence supports at this time or why they couldn't have picked a far cuter endangered species to support, like pandas. .@SecondLady's new beehive at VP residence highlights need for increase in […] Read more »

Lace shorts for men could solve the RompHim's one major problem

Not everyone's sold on the idea of the RompHim, a version of the hellish all-in-one garment that makes it a nightmare for women to go to the bathroom. SEE ALSO: Sure, let men experience the hell that is wearing a romper all day But, these lace shorts could be the solution RompHim wearers need for, um, easier access when nature calls. Image: kickstarter The see-through lace shorts designed by LA-based brand Hologram City can be worn with matching lace shirts, creating the illusion of wearing an all-in-one. Smart! Image: hologram city The all-lace shorts and shirts are double up as a breezy garment for those sweaty summer months where ventilation is oh-so necessary. Image: hologram city The lace shorts and shirt combo doesn't come cheap, though. The shirts and shorts are available for pre-sale for $49 per item. The garments are available in a selection of rather fetching pastel shades, […] Read more »

Saturday Night Live: the 10 best clips of the biggest season ever

From Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer to Scarlett Johanssons turn as a Complicit Ivanka Trump, the show has been more relevant than ever Saturday Night Live has been enjoying quite the resurgence this year. Presidential campaigns are always good business for the long-running sketch series, but its been the election and presidency of Donald Trump that has launched the show into mega-drive. Ratings are the highest theyve been in 23 years, and stars including Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy and Scarlett Johansson seem happy to stop by to reprise their roles in the current political melodrama whenever necessary. The show also switched to airing live in all (continental) US time zones, making it easier for it to build a social media following and allowing clips of the sketches to be online minutes after they air live on TV. That energy has brought some real classics: here are the 10 best sketches […] Read more »

Sex and art by the Grand Canal: how Peggy Guggenheim took Venice

In the 1940s, the heiress fled New York and, with a makeshift gallery, became the star of Venice. But she was not the first woman to dazzle the city. As the Biennale opens, Judith Mackrell tells their story In the summer of 1948, the Venice Art Biennale was back in business after the long and isolating years of war. It was a historic event, celebrating not only international peace but also the end of fascism in Italy, and among its showcased artists were several who had been banned as degenerate under Mussolinis rule. The main attraction, however, was not to be found in any of the national pavilions, but in the astonishingly wide-ranging collection of modern art exhibited by one woman, the American heiress Peggy Guggenheim. As Peggy welcomed the Italian president to the opening of her collection, she had felt underdressed. Shed had to borrow some stockings from a […] Read more »

Why Tyra Banks In 'Life Size' Was So Important For Black Girls

Tyra Banks is an OG supermodel and icon with a long list of accomplishments. She started and hostedAmericas Next Top Model, shes a Victorias Secret alum, owns Tyra Beauty and more. Its easy to forget she once played the fierce and fabulous black doll, Eve, alongside Lindsay Lohan in the television Disney film, Life Size. That was, until shemade the big announcement that Life Size 2 willcome to silver screens during the holiday season in 2018 on Freeform (formerly, ABC Family). Shine bright. Life-Size 2 is coming, baby. 2018#Freeform Tyra Banks (@tyrabanks) April 21, 2017   In the original picture, a grieving Casey(Lohan) has just lost her mother and casts a spell to resurrect her. Something with the spell goes awry and instead, she brings her Eve doll to life. Though Caseyispissed at first, Eve in all her Barbie bubbly charm finally wins her over. Just when Casey and […] Read more »

Nicole Kidman in Cannes: her tortuous journey to Queen of the Croisette

Shes been a blond vamp, an American princess and a thorn in Lars Von Triers side. But 2017 looks set to be Nicole Kidmans greatest Cannes yet The official social media hashtags for this years Cannes film festival are #Cannes2017 and #Cannes70. But maybe it should be #Nicolefest and #Nicolepalooza. Because Nicole Kidman is set to dominate, with no fewer than four entries in the official selection. In all her sculpted blond tallness, looming over most of the grinning menfolk on the red carpet, she is going to be a Cannes fixture. Kidman is in season two of Jane Campions Top of the Lake, which Cannes is showcasing as part of its new policy of admitting top-of-the-range TV series. She plays an Australian mother, Julia, whose story dovetails with that of Detective Robin Griffin, played by Elisabeth Moss. In John Cameron Mitchells How to Talk to Girls at Parties, adapted […] Read more »