What To Bring To A Music Festival So You Don't Die Before The Headliner

  I love music festivals more than the average person. Any place with good music, drinks, and slutty fashion-forward attire is like, my second home. Ive honestly been to way too many to count, so Im like, a pro. In a way, theyre as close to as Ill get, being that they almost always take place on some island. Most venues are super strict with what you can bring in because NGL, a lot of idiots think these events are a great time to start a drug ring. Not only are you limited, but you dont want to bring too much because who the hell wants to dance with a fucking backpack for hours, anyway? So, if youve ever been to one of these overpriced Coachella imitations, you know the only thing you could probs bring is your phone, sunglasses, and cash. Have to break a seal? Good thing you […] Read more »

5 Beach Cover-Ups You Can Wear To The Bar

  I deal with stressful things in life like most rational people: procrastinate incessantly by doing other equally important things (shopping, thoroughly organizing my closet, eating takeout...etc.) and delaying until the last possible second. Then I wonder why my anxiety level is constantly that of Britney Spears 2007 meltdown. For example, this often happens with packing. Like, running a mile sounds better than packing for anything ever, even a vacation that I know will be fun. It is literally so annoying to plan out your outfits because no matter how hard you try not to, you end up packing enough clothes to last you 6 years, even when youre only staying 3 days. Whether its for a tropical vacation or just spending the day at the beach, I know overpacking is almost as bad of a habit as binge drinking. To (slightly) condense your beach suitcase bag, here are cover-ups […] Read more »

Trendy Summer High Heels That Are Comfortable Enough To Day Drink In

  NGL, Ive never been a shoe person until like, this year. I know, who even am I? Luckily for me, I left that dark period behind. I went from having a solid five pairs of shoes I used for every occasion, to having my own shoe closetaside from my wardrobe, duhbecause Im basically Carrie Bradshaw now (or so I tell myself). This seasons shoe game has been my fave ever since the naked shoe got serious upgrades (thanks for the trend, Yeezy), and velvet block heel sandals became a thingbecause anything in velvet is always better, dont fight me on this. From time to time, I enjoy sporting Adidas and strutting in ballet flats even in unbearable heat, but when Im trying to capture the very essence of a well overdue blackout in broad daylight, I need some wedges and heels to stumble around in. I mean, despite how […] Read more »

Denim Essentials You Need In Your Closet Right Now

  By now, its as clear as day that this denim craze has really taken off. Everywhere I look, I see another article of clothing made out of denimIm just waiting to see denim underwear at this point. Apparently its socially acceptable to wear denim on denim, and then with some more denim. Who knew Britney and JT were such trendsetters? I mean, for fucks sake, every store has its own Denim Shop. The versatile material is emerging left and right in an assortment of colors and a variety of styles ranging from dresses to vests to overalls (because again, if it was cool in the 90s, its cool again). This summer is all about dressing like you could be on the cover of just by wearing a distressed oversized sweater and some ragged denim shorts. With Bonnaroo this weekend, festival season is officially fully in swing. Perfect for any […] Read more »

7 Trendy Summer Sunglasses To Hide Your Chronic Hangover

  Now that its my favorite time of the year, its socially acceptable to wear the one accessory that has saved me from many unwanted social interactions and near-death hangovers: sunglasses. Even though you throw shade all year round, doing it in style makes it feel that much better. Judging and talking shit are two things we all obviously enjoy, so hiding behind some lenses just allows you to get away with doing it in public. Whether youre brunching and trying to piece together WTF happened the night before or hiding the fact that you may be tipsy at 3pm on a Wednesday, sunglasses fool everyone into thinking you still have your shit togethereven if its only because youre decent enough to hide last nights makeup.   So you can judge as you please in style and make everyone feel like a fucking peasanthere are the trendiest sunnies that say […] Read more »

Amanda Bynes Has Started Her Comeback Tour

Its been a hot minute since we heard anything about Amanda Bynes, but our old girl is back from the dead, and she did a YouTube interview because thats what you do when youre tryna revive your career. The interview, which was held by 's Diana Madison, is Bynes' first interview since her very public drug induced breakdown that was both hilarious and very, very sad. In the interview, she quickly confirms that she would still let Drake murder her vagina (same), even though she was *shocker* on drugs when she originally tweeted about it. I feel you, Amanda. I've tweeted a lot of true shit while on drugs myself.  Bynes also says she wants to be an actress again, and that she would love to start with guest roles on TV shows. In case youre not familiar, thats Hollywood lingo for I NEED MONEY, I SPENT ALL OF MINE […] Read more »

Leave Platform Flip-Flops In The Early 2000s Where They Belong

I'm obsessed with early 2000s fashion. I basically single-handedly lead the revolution to revive the Juicy Couture tracksuit. (To be fair, that's an exaggeration. Kylie Jenner and Bloomingdales really helped.) I Google roll-on body glitter on a weekly basis just in case some beauty company has decided to bring back the sacred product Icing used to carry. I type half of my teXtt MeSSaGes to mY gRoUp cHatt like AiM aWaY MeSSaGes~. Im seriously considering getting a pair of purple-lensed sunglasses with a rhinestone butterfly on them, and I don't even like butterflies. You get the point. I and my style have not left the early 2000s.   However, even though I'm totally obsessed, I understand that there are serious boundaries in the world of the early aughts. I'm not about to wear my thong out the top of my pants. It's just not appropriate for my current life, even […] Read more »

7 Things You Put A Lot Of Effort Into That Guys Don't Even Notice

  As an Officially Woke Bae (and also, as not a giant idiot), I am fully aware that most of the things women do in terms of how they present themselves is for other women, not men. I get it, you wanna be "girl cute," because something something something about the jungle scene from . Ladies be catty, amirite? But also: you definitely want to meet guys, you probably want to go out with some of them, and you may even want to strip down and touch some of them under the sheets while The Weeknd plays softly in the background.   To that end, you're probably taking extra care on certain nights to be more appealing to dudes. And that's great! But before you go out and buy these ugly goddamned clear-panel mom jeans, keep in mind that a lot of the stuff you do, we won't even notice. […] Read more »

5 Accessories You Should Literally Never Buy

  Its no secret that most betches arent like amazing at budgeting their money. But like, who can really blame you? You suck at cooking, but pretend to be vaguely health conscious, so a lot of your money goes towards kind of expensive salads. (How much are salads even supposed to be? I genuinely have no idea, but every time I buy a salad, Im like Wait, that felt kind of overpriced.) Betches are a really interesting demographic financially, because like, youll swipe your card for a $200 pair of jeans that make your butt look dope without blinking, but your Google search history includes things like Will cheap alcohol make me drunk faster? and Does generic Plan B work? What, you Googled that for your roommate? Right.   Anyway, Im obviously not a financial expert or anything, but Im a self-proclaimed shopping expert, so I feel like its my […] Read more »

How To Wear Red, White & Blue Without Looking Like A Basic B*tch

  Memorial Day Weekend is one hell of an underrated holiday. It kicks off the start of summer, you can eat all the hot dogs you want (which should be zero), and youre daging until whenever it is you finally pass out, because day drinking is really fucking exhausting. Basically, it sets the standards for what this summer will bring. Will you throw up over the side of the boat? Or will you hook up with that guy youve had your eye on since college? It really can go either way and what you fucking wear is like, so important. Whether your plans involve partying on a motherfucking boat or reuniting with friends and family you havent seen in forever, your outfit needs to make one hell of an impression. Dont show up to the BBQ wearing the same denim shorts and white crop top as the girl next you. […] Read more »