Sunglasses & Beach Vacation Fashions

Well it's that time of year when we start to think about going on vacation.  This article is for women who need help with deciding what to wear and pack for their summer vacation.  There are so many options out there that it makes it hard to figure out whats best to take with us when it comes to fashion and accessories.  By the end of  this article, you will have a better idea what to wear, how best to pack what you have decided to take on the trip.

This 22 piece beach edit includes: 2 swimsuits (a sleek white one piece and a blue and white bikini), a coverup, 2 tunics, a tee, a beach skirt, shorts, a pair of flowy beach pants, a dress, a hat, a pair of sunglasses and a sleek pair of eyeglasses, 3 bags (beach bag, tote, and crossbody, though you could certainly lose the tote if you wanted to), a cardigan, a kimono, a pair of flip flops, sandals, colorful flats and a necklace.

I’ve started from scratch here to create a fantasy beach vacation wardrobe, but in real life, we would just start with what we have and add what’s missing. Happy vacation-ing!

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