Trump never has to buy sunglasses again because Obama's photographer will shade him forever

Former First Lady Michelle Obama speaks onstage at The 2017 ESPYS. Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Ten times out of nine Michelle Obama has proven to be one of the most inspiring, straight-up coolest women to ever enter the White House — and she's still got it. The former FLOTUS came back into our lives on Wednesday to speak at the 2017 Inbound marketing conference about everything from successful managing to her favorite song off Beyoncé's iconic album, Lemonade. We are not worthy. SEE ALSO: Michelle Obama, Serena Williams recreate Beyoncé's 'Formation' look for her birthday Though no livestream of the event was offered, according to attendees live-tweeting, Obama spent the morning dropping mad wisdom while chatting with Roxane Gay. NBD. Hi — roxane gay (@rgay) September 27, 2017 Here are some of Michelle Obama's best quotes from the event: On a future female president Hillary Clinton may have lost […] Read more »

Issa Rae Is The Newest CoverGirl, And Fans Are Freaking Out Over The Stunning Photos

In amazing news for an otherwise rather pedestrian Tuesday morning, Issa Rae has been named the new face of CoverGirl. In case you're unfamiliar with the 32 year-old beauty, she created a wildly successful web series called  that served as inspiration for the now-hit HBO show which just premiered its season two finale. The show is a smart, hilarious, and relatable examination of racism and insecurities among two twenty-something women you want to be friends with, and oh, Issa Rae was nominated for a 2017 Golden Globe for her starring role. The actress took to Instagram to announce her partnership with CoverGirl, posting a behind-the-scenes picture of her getting a makeup touch-up in a white robe. A camera zooms in on her while she gazes straight ahead with a determined expression on her face, curls looking absolutely on point. Rae included a heartfelt message recounting her relationship with CoverGirl through time: “I remember being an […] Read more »

Rihanna's third-annual Diamond Ball was a celebrity-filled spectacle and so much more

Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Clara Lionel Foundation It was a wonderful night. Jay-Z mingled with fellow tuxedo-clad guests. Beyoncé delicately dabbed her face with the finest of cloth napkins. Leonardo DiCaprio looked off in the distance as someone conversed with him. Kendrick Lamar handed me a microphone (yes, you read that right) and Cardi B's four assistants gathered her dress to help the "Bodak Yellow" queen make her way through the ballroom full of tables at Rihanna’s third annual Diamond Ball. In the middle of it all sat a 29-year-old Barbados born woman who needs no introduction, especially following the week she’s had launching an impressively successful (and inclusive) makeup launch and showing her Fenty Puma Spring 2018 collection during New York Fashion Week.  With all that is going on in her life, it’s easy to forget that the Robyn Rihanna Fenty does more than set trends, release party […] Read more »

Cindy Crawfords Daughter Is Only 16 And Shes Already Tearing Up Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has the power to catapult a new model to legit stardom. But when that model already comes with a celebrity family, that fame can backfire and result in people crying “undeserving” and “nepotism.” Back in 2014, no one knew if Kendall Jenner would be taken seriously by the fashion world given her family's *humble* reality show beginnings. Then, she stomped down Marc Jacobs' fall 2014 runway in a sheer top, imparting her with the gravitas she needed to own every major runway, and the rest is history. On Sept. 9, another upcoming supermodel with fame in her blood walked her first major show, and the internet has heard her. People are absolutely obsessing over Cindy Crawford's daughter, Kaia Gerber. Not only did the 16 year old walk in what will arguably be the biggest show and spectacle of fashion week, she popped the cork on the champagne. Stepping out […] Read more »

Clip On Sunglasses Can Be Cool

Clip On Sunglasses

Clip On Sunglasses                      Accessories can never be discounted from modern-day fashion. Some of the most popular one's today are sunglasses and there are different styles to choose from. One such category includes clip-on sunglasses, which works excellently for people who have to wear prescription lenses daily. Although there are people who don contact lenses day by day, there are those who have stuck by traditional frames through the years. It can be because of personal preference or their grades may be too high that contacts can no longer accommodate their needs. But one thing’s for certain and that is they will need sun protection at some point in their lives. When this need arises and they require something that will work with their prescription glasses, clip on sunglasses will come to the rescue. Prescription sunglasses are available but these can cost […] Read more »

Choosing the Best Fishing Sunglasses

Fishing Sunglasses

Fishing Sunglasses                      Fishing is an extremely popular sport. But given that it is an outdoor activity, it would be best if you protected your eyes while out on the water. Aside from giving your eyes ample protection from the sun’s rays, the right fishing sunglasses can also help improve your game. Your eyes are probably the most important assets that you have during a fishing trip. You need to have the ability to scan the water and check the surrounding areas for signs of a potential catch. You need to have the ability to notice something as simple as air bubbles on the surface of lakes, rivers, or even oceans. For this, you need something that will reduce the sun’s glare and this is where polarized lenses enter the picture. Polarized lenses are the first consideration that you have to make […] Read more »

Make a Fashion Statement with Clear Sunglasses

Clear Sunglasses

Clear Sunglasses                          Sunglasses are excellent accessories to have in your wardrobe. Men and women alike can easily ante up their daily look with the right pair of sunglasses that are clear. The thing about these accessories is that they can easily be matched with different types of clothing from formal ensembles to more casual street wear. You can also rest assured that they’ll be the main accessories that other people see first. Clear sunglasses can help you with everything from protecting your eyes to making a bold fashion statement. The best part is that you can find clear sunglasses in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and lens colors. With these types of sunglasses, the common material used for the frame is hard plastic. This is because there is no way that metal material can be made to run […] Read more »

Solar cell lenses give these shades a charge

Over the years Ive seen concepts of solar-powered sunglasses come and go, but the dream of for some reason wearing solar panels on my face has remained elusive until today. Genius engineers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have successfully made a pair of shades with organic solar cell lenses and you dont even have to stare directly at the sun for them to work. The lenses have been cut like ordinary glass or plastic to fit in a commercial frame, and are similarly light and transparent. Organic solar cells arent particularly efficient, but they are flexible and versatile, able to be put in situations where a rigid, opaque cell isnt an option. The Solar Glasses we developed are an example of how organic solar cells may be employed in applications that would not be feasible with conventional photovoltaics, said Dominik Landerer, a PhD student at KIT who worked on the […] Read more »

Eclipse America sends 15,000 free eclipse glasses to schools

Google and Mystery Science are giving elementary schools eclipse glasses. Image: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty A highly-anticipated total solar eclipse is set to cut a path across a large portion of the United States on August 21, but not everyone has the proper gear to see it safely. But some organizations want to change that. The company Mystery Science and Google just announced a partnership to provide 15,000 free eclipse glasses to elementary schools so that kids around the country can safely view the event. SEE ALSO: Your most basic and burning questions about next month's solar eclipse, answered Both kids and adults need eclipse glasses to filter the sun's strong light. The glasses use solar filters, not just color films like your everyday sunglasses, to protect your eyes. The only time it's safe to look without your eclipse glasses is during the brief period of total eclipse, when the moon […] Read more »