It isnt wrong to raise an eyebrow at how the Macrons got together

No one should mind that the French president is 24 years younger than his wife, Brigitte. But the story of their romance? That is a bit weird People seem to be very confused with regards to how to talk about Frances first lady. Can you settle the matter once and for all? Marcus, by email Zut alors! Quest-ce quon peut faire? Jadore quand quelque chose happens en France parce que je peux utiliser mes Franais A-level skills. Ils sont incroyables, nest-ce pas? So, as some of you might have heard, apparently there was an election? In France? And theres a new first lady? Does talking with this uptick make me sound Australian or just more American? As is invariably the way with new first ladies, there has been a flurry of angsting and tutting about what this woman represents and how she should be discussed. So, for example, was it […] Read more »

'Don't slip, don't trip!': inside Australian fashion week

Guardian Australia goes behind the scenes with the models, designers and hangers-on at Sydneys parade Its like a hurricane: one minute its calm and then its chaos, says Kate Reynolds from Melbourne design-duo Pageant moments before the start of their debut show at Australian fashion week. Behind her, 20 or so models are frantically changing into their outfits, half a dozen backstage photographers are herded together and repeatedly told do not cross the yellow tape by an irate producer, and a doorman blocks a young woman from hurriedly entering the scene. Im a model, she protests. No-ones coming in and no-ones crossing that tape, thats what Ive been told, he says. But Im in this show! she scoffs, swerving around him while rolling her eyes at the snappers. It feels like a microcosm of fashion week, where colour and drama are abundant, punctuality is unheard of, and surviving the week […] Read more »

How to have a good time at 'Alien: Covenant': A 5-step guide

For starters, it helps if you're actually looking at the screen instead of ... whatever that is. A can lid? Image: 20th Century Fox The reviews are in, and they're ... well. Much like Prometheus before it, Alien: Covenant is turning out to be a severely polarizing movie. But that doesn't mean Alien: Covenant isn't worth seeing, or that you won't like it. You just need to know how to like it. That's where we come in. SEE ALSO: Rick and Morty discover key to defeating 'Alien' facehuggers Much of the mixed reaction to Alien: Covenant seems to stem from the fact that it's not necessarily the movie that Alien fans were expecting. So we're to run down everything you need for a guaranteed* good time at Alien: Covenant. (* Note: good time not actually guaranteed. See #6.) 1. Don't expect a classic Alien movie This guy isn't in the […] Read more »

11 Gifts For That Friend Who's Way Too Obsessed With Taylor Swift

Its that time of year again. The snow is falling, the lights are twinkling, youre spending time with your family and Taylor Swifts Christmas album is playing softly in the background. At least, it often is in every die-hard Swift fans house. If you havesomeone who loves Taylor Swift this much in your life, the only reasonable thing to do this holiday season would be to gift him or her with anything having to do with the country songstress turned pop singer. Thankfully for all the people who have one such person (or multiple people) in their lives like this, I have laid out just some of the many potential gifts you can wrap up and give to him or her this winter. 1. T-Swift Guitar Ornament ($26.97) Of course, every T-Swizzle fan wants to deck out his or her Christmas tree with Swift-inspired dcor, and what better way to […] Read more »