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There are people who use sunglasses for fashion’s sake; where eye protection is more of a secondary purpose. There are different styles of eyewear that can serve as excellent accessories to clothing and some of these are oversized sunglasses which have grown to be some of the most popular options around. These are larger than standard sunglasses and can surely make a strong statement when worn. These are the kind of sunglasses that are ideal for those who want to get noticed as they strut their stuff.

The thing about these oversized sunglasses is that they actually rose to fame during the sixties. The person responsible for directing attention to these type of specs is no other than Jackie O, First Lady Jackie Kennedy who was quite the fashion symbol back then; apart from being the wife of President JFK. Funny enough, she wore these not to get noticed but to maintain a discrete profile. Audrey Hepburn, a famous Hollywood actress also wore a pair in her famous movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s further increasing the hype for these glasses.

Usually, a pair of these sunglasses has enough width to actually cover the entirety of your standard shades. There are some people who think twice before wearing these glasses, however. Many of them tend to believe that the large frame and lenses will overwhelm the face. In truth, there are some pairs that might, but even oversized sunglasses come in different sizes. Surely you’ll find a pair that will fit your face shape well and give you extra eye protection to boot.

When it comes to these kinds of sunglasses, the important thing is for people to take the time to choose the right size and shape. Because they are oversized, they can easily become the focal point of any ensemble you put together. So choose carefully! If you opt for something that’s too big, instead of having eyewear that will flatter, you might end up with bug eyes and that’s no good. Try your best to personally fit the glasses and go with a pair that will compliment not just your style but, more importantly, your face.

If you are new to the new oversized style then here are some simple guidelines that should help you as you choose a particular pair to use.

First of all, when you fit the sunglasses, pay attention to whether or not any part of the frame touches your cheeks. As opposed to what most people think, that these should rest fully on the face, there should absolutely be no touching of the cheek. The sunglasses should rest comfortably on the ears and sit on the face without reaching the cheek area. If the frame touches even the tip of your cheek, this means that what you have on is simply too large.

And even if you have oversized sunglasses on, your eyebrows should still be visible. If they are obscured beneath the frame or lenses then you will look bug eyed; and this is something you should avoid. A good tip here is to have your eyes lie parallel to the center of the lenses. If your eyes peek out from the center then this means that the size is just right.

Don’t feel as if you’re overly vain when you look at your face. You have to take ample time to look at your face to really notice how long and wide it is. When choosing oversized shades, it is important for the frame to not be any larger than your face or else it will not look right when worn. Remember that the sunglasses are meant to complement your look and not dominate your face. Aside from looking odd, having a large frame may feel heavy on the face.

Pay attention to the arms as well. This actually goes for all kinds of eyewear, not just oversized sunglasses alone. You want a pair with just the right arm or temple length. Eyewear is created with proportional measurements so if the temples don’t fit comfortably over your ear, this means that what you have on is just a tad bit small. Lastly, there is a test for the nose bridge. While you are wearing the pair of oversized sunglasses, smile. When you smile, see if the bridge rises from your nose. If it does, the pair is small.

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