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There are different kinds of sunglasses that you can purchase these days but one thing remains the same; the primary goal of these eyewear is to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of excess sunlight. For those who have a larger budget to spend on eyewear, two of the most popular types are polarized and mirrored aviator sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses can cost a lot but is it worthy of the high price tag? The way the sun works is that it deflects UV rays and too much light from hitting the eyes by reflecting or refracting it. In certain cases, this same light may be absorbed depending on the material that it hits. Should it be reflected, it can cause an uncomfortable glare for those who are wearing glasses.

Depending on the degree of reflection, the glare can cause temporary blindness which may be dangerous especially when a person is driving. Aside from causing preventable accidents, prolonged glare exposure can also lead to irreparable eye damage and eventual blindness.

The reason why polarized sunglasses are expensive is because the lenses are made using a special filter. This filter blocks the light rays that form glares. Aside from protecting the wearer from sun damage, it also provides a clear view every single time, at every angle.

Aside from these benefits, it is also capable of preventing light distortion and helps with reducing eye strain, which for older people is a lifesaver. Especially for individuals who are constantly out in the field, working under direct sunlight, polarized sunglasses work perfectly. You can expect these to be extremely comfortable to wear even when used for hours on end.

And then there is another popular eyewear variety which is mirrored aviator sunglasses. These are slightly different than the traditional polarized sunglasses but come at a lower cost for consumers. Normally, this is the kind of eyewear you’d see policemen wearing. Their popularity with cops actually gave them the moniker of “cop shades.”

When it comes to mirrored aviator sunglasses, you can expect to see a distinct mirror coating on the lenses regardless of the shape of the frame. Much like a mirror you use at home, you can easily see your clear reflection on the lenses. This type of eyewear provides additional protection to the eyes, much like their polarized counterparts, by controlling the reflection of light.

When worn, light is reflected away from the wearer’s eyes, plain and simple. If there is an issue that some people may encounter with the use of these sunglasses, it is that it may not be as comfortable to wear the first time around but rest assured that you will be able to adjust to the sunglasses over time, with regular use.

There are some people who may also find it challenging at first to maintain eye contact when engaging with someone wearing mirrored aviator sunglasses as they’ll be able to constantly see themselves in the mirrored lenses.

One really great thing about these types of sunglasses is that the lenses come in a wide variety of hues. You can choose lenses that have an external color coating in green, pink, grey, blue, orange, and yellow to name a few. Even if the outer coating is colorful, but your view of everything wouldn’t be affected. You can still expect your perspective to be tinted in the usual shade of brown, smoke green, or light grey.

In essence, both polarized and mirrored aviator sunglasses do a pretty good job when it comes to protecting the eyes from the harsh effects of sunlight. They do not only reduce light exposure and glare but you can also expect these types of eyewear to provide ample UV protection. Depending on the manufacturer, you can get as much as 100% UV protection. The best way to know how much protection you’re getting is by checking the sunglass’ specs before you buy a pair.

For activities that come with prolonged sun exposure, the best types of sunglasses to have are either the polarized or mirrored aviator sunglasses. Aside from the external appearance, the cost is another component that will play a significant role in your decision-making process. But when it comes to their benefits, both styles offer pretty much the same type of protection. As always, choose the style that best suits your needs, and of course, your aesthetic preferences.

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