Choosing the Best Fishing Sunglasses

Fishing Sunglasses

Fishing Sunglasses                      Fishing is an extremely popular sport. But given that it is an outdoor activity, it would be best if you protected your eyes while out on the water. Aside from giving your eyes ample protection from the sun’s rays, the right fishing sunglasses can also help improve your game. Your eyes are probably the most important assets that you have during a fishing trip. You need to have the ability to scan the water and check the surrounding areas for signs of a potential catch. You need to have the ability to notice something as simple as air bubbles on the surface of lakes, rivers, or even oceans. For this, you need something that will reduce the sun’s glare and this is where polarized lenses enter the picture. Polarized lenses are the first consideration that you have to make […] Read more »

Aviator Sunglasses For Men

Mens aviators sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses For Men                      If you’re interested in something classic to protect your eyes with, you won’t go wrong with aviator sunglasses for men. Originally created in America for military pilots back during the 30s, aviator sunglasses for men have grown to become some of the most popular eyewear styles for men and women. Their original purpose was to make it easy for pilots to manage their control panels without having to expose their eyes to direct sunlight. This is why the lenses used in aviator sunglasses for men are slightly larger compared to your typical pair of shades. Aside from this, the sunglasses also did a great job in keeping sweat away from the pilot’s eyes. Currently, women are also using aviator sunglasses for men. Some use these in the field while others don them to make a strong fashion […] Read more »

How To Choose The Perfect Sunglasses For Men

Mens classic-square-sunglasses

Buying sunglasses is a high-stakes decision. Like hats, they can help make you look great by accenting and emphasizing the natural symmetry of your face or highlight your absolute worst traits. Detecting the right pair matters because, for better or worse, shades are impossible to ignore. The most common blunder people make when shopping for sunglasses is rushing it. With so many styles, cuts, and materials on the market today, it's like to shopping for jeans. It comes down to trying on a lot of pairs until you figure out what works for you. You need to step outside your comfort zone and have fun with it. This article will guide you through the selection steps and give you information on the different styles that are available.   “Unless you’re Joey Essex or a teenager at a rave, steer clear of anything harshly fluorescent,” adds Maul. Instead, if you want to come away from […] Read more »

Men's Sunglasses - 10 Most Stylish Trends

This article talks about the top 10 men's sunglasses style for summer 2017.   You will be surprised by some of their picks just as I was. The Firm is a pair of clip-on sunglasses more aggressively styled than  other sunglasses. This style is straight up business. With thin frames, they are similar in shape to an aviator. This pair won’t overwhelm your face while giving you the UV protection you need on a sunny day. Inspired by steampunk goggles, their cool factor comes from a slim frame silhouette. The floating bridge adds subtle whimsy to the polished shape of the frame. Fits: Medium-to-Wide Fit. Perfect for rounder faces. The angular straight lines will bring definition to your features and sharpen a big head or a wide face. Article Source: Read more »

Men's Aviator Sunglasses - Fashion Cool Polorized

Hey guys!  Do you know how to rock a pair of aviator sunglasses?  If not, this article will guide you to men's fashion heaven.  Enjoy As Spring is near, it is wise to haul some casual wear back to your closet again and get rid of the winter clothes. For your Spring vacation, wear navy pants and pair it with a white button down neck shirt. Complete the look by wearing blue woolen slip on shoes and black sports blazer. This casual look is the perfect outfit to rock a pair of stylish aviators. Article Source:   Read more »

Men's Sunglasses For 2017

This is for guys who hate shopping around to purchase sunglasses.  This article will give you some good ideas on what type of shades to buy for spring and summer 2017 without having to enter a store to look around.  US guys need as much help as possible when shopping for new items.  Enjoy and may you find those perfect sunglasses that make you look as cool as James Bond! Barton Perreira 7/10 These ‘Byron’ glasses by Barton Perreira comprise of two parts – tortoiseshell acetate frames for optical lenses and a silver metal clip-on that quickly transforms them into sunglasses. Moscot for Mr Porter 8/10 These Moscot shades were exclusively designed for Mr Porter ( and take their inspiration from the archives of the New York based brand. Rayban 9/10 For a distinctive look, try these Ray-Ban RB4246 phantos sunglasses. The combination of the round lenses and the brow-line frames gives […] Read more »

Men’s Glasses: Classic Styles On The Comeback

Remember the stigma that people who wear glasses are smart geeks?   This comes from the large percentage of academics and professionals spending a great deal of their time straining their eyes in some way or another like reading in dimly lit rooms; using a computer excessively. Glasses have now been glamourized by TV shows and movies, some think this movement was funded by the companies that manufacture glasses to increase their profits.  Not sure what to believe but I do know that glasses have become a fashion item.  Another way to flaunt how much money you have to go along with your expensive shoes, watches and designer bags. This article will touch on the classic styles that tare making a comeback and which one to buy and where to get them.  Enjoy!     Eyeglasses are finally more affordable. With low-cost online eyeglass retailers lining up to take your business […] Read more »