Men’s Glasses: Classic Styles On The Comeback

Remember the stigma that people who wear glasses are smart geeks?   This comes from the large percentage of academics and professionals spending a great deal of their time straining their eyes in some way or another like reading in dimly lit rooms; using a computer excessively.

Glasses have now been glamourized by TV shows and movies, some think this movement was funded by the companies that manufacture glasses to increase their profits.  Not sure what to believe but I do know that glasses have become a fashion item.  Another way to flaunt how much money you have to go along with your expensive shoes, watches and designer bags.

This article will touch on the classic styles that tare making a comeback and which one to buy and where to get them.  Enjoy!



  • Eyeglasses are finally more affordable. With low-cost online eyeglass retailers lining up to take your business where there were once only high-cost, cumbersome optical stores, you can now easily find and afford more than one pair, if you want.

  • Quality materials are making a comeback. Since glasses are now more about fashion than function, more retailers are offering materials other than basic plastic and metal.

  • You don’t need a prescription to wear them. Like to look of glasses but don’t need them or hate to wear anything but contacts? No problem. Many brands now offer the option of ordering frames with non-corrective polycarbonate lenses. Only you will know.

  • Glasses make you look smart. It’s not just a stereotype, it’s actually been scientifically proven. According to Psychology Today, glasses make the wearer appear more intelligent, honest and trustworthy, in addition to reducing your threat level and associating you with a higher social class. If you’re looking to get ahead at the office, getting glasses may just help.

  • They add maturity to young faces and youth to mature faces. By pairing mature frames with youthful faces and vice versa, you can change the impression of your age.

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