Men Wearing Heels - Will This Trend Continue?

What does Jimi Hendricks, Kanye West, Harry Styles, Marco Rubio, and Justin Bieber have in common?  They all have been seen wearing heels with their wardrobes.  The heel trend for men is making a comeback in 2017.  This article talks about the history of men wearing heels starting with King Louis XIV of France (reign: 1643–1715), and up to today with Kanye West.

Has West been bothered by the widespread criticism of his footwear? Possibly. But it mostly seems as if he doesn’t care. After all, there’s a sort of regal confidence that comes with a man who can wear a heel—not unlike that of a man who can pull off a sinister-looking pointy-toed shoe. In fact, as with the winkle-picker, men’s heels have a long, and even royal, history.

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