Maui Can Be Your Vacation Paradise

Maui is the grand loot of American travel, an island of remarkable charm with arguably the greatest collection of sandy beaches in the country.  Are you searching for paradise? Well, we encountered our notion of paradise in Maui, Hawaii!

Who knows? It has the potential to be your idea of paradise too! Paradise is a strong word, and I don't use it lightly. But Maui, Hawaii is truly a paradise in every space. It has glorious warm weather all year, with just enough of a breeze from the trade winds to keep you feeling freshened. The tropical greenery and colorful flowers are stunning, and there's nothing better than the relaxing sound of the channel-surf crashing on the beach as you drift off to sleep every night.  For more about Maui, read the full article.

To zoom through Maui with a birds eye view, taking one of the ziplines is a must! Haleakala, Ka’anapali and Waikapu all offer a thrilling way to explore some of the islands most picturesque and remote areas at full speed. Another for the thrill-seekers is Rappel Maui. After hiking through a private botanical garden, you will rappel down a 60 foot jungle cliff, 50 foot waterfall and then another 39 foot waterfall. The jungle adventure ends with a splash in a dazzling natural pool.


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