Kevin Spacey Brings Stephen Colbert (And The Closet Jokes) To The Tonys

Paying tribute to each of the nights nominated musicals, Spacey opened the Tonys with a show-stopping extravaganza about the anxieties of being a host in 2017. He also poked fun at the rumors about his sexual orientationas he brought guests including Stephen Colbert and Whoopi Goldberg on stage. How long have you been in that closet? Spacey asked. Dressed in an ornate gown and headpiece, Spacey sang, Im coming out wait, no, no, no, no, before breaking out into a tap-dancing routine complete with canes and top hats. Read more: Read more »

Amanda Bynes Has Started Her Comeback Tour

Its been a hot minute since we heard anything about Amanda Bynes, but our old girl is back from the dead, and she did a YouTube interview because thats what you do when youre tryna revive your career. The interview, which was held by 's Diana Madison, is Bynes' first interview since her very public drug induced breakdown that was both hilarious and very, very sad. In the interview, she quickly confirms that she would still let Drake murder her vagina (same), even though she was *shocker* on drugs when she originally tweeted about it. I feel you, Amanda. I've tweeted a lot of true shit while on drugs myself.  Bynes also says she wants to be an actress again, and that she would love to start with guest roles on TV shows. In case youre not familiar, thats Hollywood lingo for I NEED MONEY, I SPENT ALL OF MINE […] Read more »

Amazon's great at selling its own batteries and baby wipes. But Food and fashion? Not yet

AmazonBasics is the top battery seller online.Image: amazon/mashable composite Amazon is many things: online retail juggernaut, Oscar-winning studio, proprietor of the cloud that powers half the web. Now it's added number-one battery maker and leading baby wipes brand to the list. SEE ALSO: Amazon has quietly turned its mobile app into a weird and wonderful ecommerce arsenal The Seattle company has spent more than two decades building itself into a giant ecommerce platform to connect buyers and sellers of all manner of things. In doing so, it has turned the retail industry upside down. Few companies haven't felt the Amazon effect in some way. That success hasn't blunted the company's ambitions. Not content to just be the middleman, Amazon has begun in the past few years to slap its brand on all manner of productsdog crates, dumbbells, dried seaweedthrough an arsenal of cheap in-house brands. Not all have been hits. […] Read more »