Amazon's great at selling its own batteries and baby wipes. But Food and fashion? Not yet

AmazonBasics is the top battery seller online.Image: amazon/mashable composite Amazon is many things: online retail juggernaut, Oscar-winning studio, proprietor of the cloud that powers half the web. Now it's added number-one battery maker and leading baby wipes brand to the list. SEE ALSO: Amazon has quietly turned its mobile app into a weird and wonderful ecommerce arsenal The Seattle company has spent more than two decades building itself into a giant ecommerce platform to connect buyers and sellers of all manner of things. In doing so, it has turned the retail industry upside down. Few companies haven't felt the Amazon effect in some way. That success hasn't blunted the company's ambitions. Not content to just be the middleman, Amazon has begun in the past few years to slap its brand on all manner of productsdog crates, dumbbells, dried seaweedthrough an arsenal of cheap in-house brands. Not all have been hits. […] Read more »

Relojes | Moda Fashion | Hombres

Moda Fashion en Relojes para Hombres. Te presentamos la tendencia en relojes formales, recuerda que el reloj es un accesorio muy importante en tu forma de ... Read more: Read more »

Dior So Real Sunglasses

Hey guys! These Dior so real sunglasses have been on my wish list for the longest hour now, and I can't believe I eventually got my hands on a pair! I hope this video ... Read more: Read more »

Apple sneakers from the 1990s are being auctioned for *at least* $15K

This company is auctioning off a pair of Apple sneakers from the 1990s.Image: Heritage Auctions When you think of Apple, the first thing that comes to mind might not be fashion. However, Apple did, in fact, dip into the clothing industry in the '80s and '90s, and now a pair of its vintage shoes could be yours ... for a price. Heritage Auction House plans to put the Apple Computer Sneakers, which they say are from the early 1990's, up for auction on June 11, The Verge reported. Read more »

Incubated by Kleiner Perkins, Packagd is creating a QVC for the mobile generation

If youre a child of the 80s or 90s, you probably remember QVC or the Home Shopping Network. Before every retailer had a website, and before Amazon became the everything store, people who wanted to shop without leaving the house would turn to one of those cable channels for programming designed to sell products to them. Today there is no shortage of ways to buy products online, but there arent a lot of great channels for discovering new goods that consumers might not know about. And while theres lots of video content for tech enthusiasts interested in learning about all the newest gadgets available for sale, those videos are fragmented and hard to find online. With all that in mind, a team incubated out of venture firm Kleiner Perkins has createdPackagd, which is building a series of mobile apps that combine unboxing and review videos with the ability to instantly […] Read more »