Clip On Sunglasses Can Be Cool

Clip On Sunglasses

Clip On Sunglasses                      Accessories can never be discounted from modern-day fashion. Some of the most popular one's today are sunglasses and there are different styles to choose from. One such category includes clip-on sunglasses, which works excellently for people who have to wear prescription lenses daily. Although there are people who don contact lenses day by day, there are those who have stuck by traditional frames through the years. It can be because of personal preference or their grades may be too high that contacts can no longer accommodate their needs. But one thing’s for certain and that is they will need sun protection at some point in their lives. When this need arises and they require something that will work with their prescription glasses, clip on sunglasses will come to the rescue. Prescription sunglasses are available but these can cost […] Read more »

Make a Fashion Statement with Clear Sunglasses

Clear Sunglasses

Clear Sunglasses                          Sunglasses are excellent accessories to have in your wardrobe. Men and women alike can easily ante up their daily look with the right pair of sunglasses that are clear. The thing about these accessories is that they can easily be matched with different types of clothing from formal ensembles to more casual street wear. You can also rest assured that they’ll be the main accessories that other people see first. Clear sunglasses can help you with everything from protecting your eyes to making a bold fashion statement. The best part is that you can find clear sunglasses in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and lens colors. With these types of sunglasses, the common material used for the frame is hard plastic. This is because there is no way that metal material can be made to run […] Read more »

Kid about to win bike race has some second thoughts at the finish line

Senn Swieters showed off some impressive skills in the Dutch Championship walking bike race. With all his opponents trailing far behind, it was almost certain the 2-year-old cyclist would secure the first place spot. However, plans changed mere inches from the finish line. Senn knows that when he crosses that line it's all over, and he just wanted to keep riding. You truly are a winner Senn. Read more: Read more »

Why Wear Square Sunglasses

Square Sunglasses

Square Sunglasses:                      There have been a number of renowned celebrities who have an interesting sense fashion. From Audrey Hepburn to Anna Wintour, there are celebrities who have established themselves as fashion icons with the help of fabulous clothing choices and of course, their use of sunglasses. Sunglasses are simple accessories that do a pretty good job at highlighting someone’s face and complementing one’s outfit. Apart from the color of the lenses, the style of the frame also plays a very important, if not essential role in the entire ensemble. Some of the most popular types are square sunglasses. Now square sunglasses don’t literally mean a pointed-edged frame. The collection of square sunglasses actually encompasses all glasses with lenses that have four distinct sides. Although you’ll easily find actual square sunglasses, most of the options people vie for these days are those […] Read more »

This Ivorian Artist Can Sculpt Her Hair Into Anything

Laetitia KY is a fashion designer and, as she states herself, an art addict from Ivory Coast in Africa. Recently, she's been making some waves on Instagram after releasing her new photo series in which she transforms her hair into all kinds of shapes to express her mind. Laetitia leaves people surprised not only because of her infinite creativity, but also of the fact that our hair can be shaped in such different ways to really speak our minds. Scroll down to see those amazing hair sculptures by this talented Ivorian artist for yourself!   #1   #2   #3   #4     #5     #6   #7   #8     #9   #10     #12   #13   #14     #15     #16   #17   #18     #19   #20     Read more: Read more »

Red Sunglasses Help Sharpen Vision

Red Sunglasses photo

Red Sunglasses                        (Click On Photo Above to Buy Now!) It’s summertime, say hello to sunshine! The weather is hot and so are you! Now, what type of sunglasses will you be wearing to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays? Well, there are different colors available for you to choose from. Challenge is finding the perfect one that exactly suits your facial features, vision, and fashion sense. So, if you are ready to level up your sun-glass fashion style, whether in the beach or somewhere else, you need to learn some tips before sun-glass shopping online. Why Use Red Sunglasses? Whether you are buying sunglasses for utility or fashion use, the color of the lens is important to consider. Each sunglass lens color is helpful in their own way. Some colors are beneficial for specific activities while other colors help people […] Read more »

Right Frame Style For Your Blue Sunglasses

Blue sunglasses photo

Blue Sunglasses              (Click On Photo Above to Buy Now!) Was there a time when you dreamed of donning your first pair of blue sunglasses? Sunglasses come in different colors, styles, and with varying lenses. And the color blue is one of the most popular options for frames may it be metal or plastic. You can find blue sunglasses in darker navy shades and lighter pastel-type hues as well. And whatever shade of blue it is that you choose, the sunglasses will surely look amazing on your face. In the sun-glass game, it is not just about choosing the right color to complement your look. When selecting from a wide variety of fashionable blue sunglasses, you have to spend time looking for the perfect frame style. Not every style of frame fits all faces equally. This is why it is recommended that you fit more […] Read more »