Choosing the Best Fishing Sunglasses

Fishing Sunglasses

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Fishing is an extremely popular sport. But given that it is an outdoor activity, it would be best if you protected your eyes while out on the water. Aside from giving your eyes ample protection from the sun’s rays, the right fishing sunglasses can also help improve your game.

Your eyes are probably the most important assets that you have during a fishing trip. You need to have the ability to scan the water and check the surrounding areas for signs of a potential catch. You need to have the ability to notice something as simple as air bubbles on the surface of lakes, rivers, or even oceans. For this, you need something that will reduce the sun’s glare and this is where polarized lenses enter the picture.

Polarized lenses are the first consideration that you have to make when choosing fishing sunglasses. What you have here are lenses that will block harmful UV rays without impeding your vision. Apart from this, they are able to reduce reflective glare by as much as 95%.  And something that you won’t find in other sunglass lenses is the ability to filter light out. Polarized lenses are able to do this thereby giving you an enhanced sense of sight.

The best sunglasses for fishing are those that enable you to see fish from a mile away, even below the surface of the water. They provide you with the best-protected vision in an external environment. Their ability to reduce your exposure to glare doesn’t only help improve your vision but also helps reduce the onset of squinting and eye strain, both of which can be detrimental to the successes of a fisherman.

Now, polarized lenses come in different colors and the shade you choose will have a big impact on your overall performance. This is the second consideration you need to make. Grey is a standard hue. If you’re not sure as to which one will work for you, start off with a gray base color. The shade that you see when you look into the glasses is the base color.

You will also need to choose a mirror tone. When other people look at your glasses, this is the color that they will see reflected on your lenses. For fishing, the best mirror tone to start with is blue as it easily blends into the environment. Blue mirrors work best especially if you are fishing in a larger body of water, say an ocean maybe. For smaller lakes or freshwater environments, the gray base color is also ideal but do consider mirror tones in copper, green, or amber as these are subtler.

Third, be mindful of the frame material that you choose. For fishing sunglasses, you want something that will stand consistent elemental exposure. You also want something that’s water resistant and able to handle direct exposure to sweat. For this, the best option would be to go with a hard plastic frame that won’t be susceptible to rust. Also, consider getting the type of frame that wraps around the face.