Ditch the denim! What to wear to the office in the heatwave

From wafty kaftans to white shirts or open-back shoes, here are seven ways to avoid a meltdown at your desk

In case you hadnt noticed, its hot. Yay! But you still have to go to the office. Boo! Here are seven things that will keep you cool at work in both senses while the temperatures continue to rise.

The fancy white shirt

Puff-sleeve blouse by & Other Stories, 59

Yes, the white shirt is a work classic but bonus its also bang on trend this summer, as long as its not quite Michael Gove boring that is. Yours should have a tweak a ruched sleeve, a twist in the middle, a bit of a frill but still, at its core, it should just about fit with the corporate dresscode. In fact, the corporate look is now the height of fashion see Martine Rose and Balenciaga. If fashion trends were a to-do list, this kind of white shirt ticks off several tasks in one.

The roomy dress

Cos rounded pleat dress, 69

There are two schools of thought when it comes to dressing in the heat. One, as practised by Little Mixs Perrie Edwards and model Bella Hadid, has crop-tops and short-shorts as its default the theory being that wearing less clothes means a cooler body temperature and a rise in Instagram likes. The other is more office-friendly all things wafty, roomy and loose. A bit like a kaftan but far smarter, there are lots of options on the high street that wouldnt raise an eyebrow from the office gossip but allow you to float along breezily. Think Balenciaga by way of Victoria Beckham.

A wrap skirt

Finery Belshaw A-line skirt, 75

The tweed pencil skirt you usually pull out on default days is not going to cut it in 30C heat. To keep things sleek but without anything figure-hugging no one needs to overheat in front of their colleagues go with a wrap skirt. It looks architecturally interesting, but not so arty. The idea is to go for a look thats less exhibition outing and more team meeting when buying into this trend itll make your spends go furthest.


Whistles Charlton open-back shoe, 165

Fashions current obsession with all things Gucci is distilled in the backless mule. The high street has adopted them too and theyre actually an easy way to signal that its summer without any toes being revealed. Wear yours flat or mid-height. They look best with a cropped trouser or a midi skirt. Beauty note: a bit of a go-over on the heels with the pumice stone is advisable.

Wide-legged trousers

Warehouse culottes, 46

Even if your office is the sort where jeans are allowed, leave the denim at home. This week were dealing with the kind of that heat Brits are more often used to after taking a flight to the Med. While your holiday shorts are probably not a brilliant alternative for work, wide-leg trousers are. The best ones are smart and look way more chic think Katharine Hepburn than denim.

A lightweight blazer

Zara blazer, 49

In 2015, air conditioning was called out as sexist the temperature was set in the 60s based on the metabolic rate of a 40-year-old, 70kg man, 3C lower than the average woman. So, dont be surprised if youre freezing at your desk even if its baking outside. An unstructured blazer is the answer. Asos calls its the chuck on blazer. If it comes with a tropical print, so much the better.

A cropped jumpsuit

Mango jumpsuit 29.99

As weddings testify, jumpsuits have gone beyond the wardrobes of style influencers waiting for the click of a camera to, well, pretty much everyone and everywhere. Work is no exception. To make the jumpsuit work for hot weather, keep it loose and cropped. And elevate it with smart pieces such as a white shirt.

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