Clip On Sunglasses Can Be Cool

Clip On Sunglasses

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Accessories can never be discounted from modern-day fashion. Some of the most popular one's today are sunglasses and there are different styles to choose from. One such category includes clip-on sunglasses, which works excellently for people who have to wear prescription lenses daily.

Although there are people who don contact lenses day by day, there are those who have stuck by traditional frames through the years. It can be because of personal preference or their grades may be too high that contacts can no longer accommodate their needs. But one thing’s for certain and that is they will need sun protection at some point in their lives.

When this need arises and they require something that will work with their prescription glasses, clip on sunglasses will come to the rescue. Prescription sunglasses are available but these can cost a pretty penny. Clip-on sunglasses, on the other hand, provide a more affordable solution.

The way clip-ons work is that the wearer simply attaches it to the bridge area of his prescription specs. In some cases, it can also be clipped onto the top portion of both lenses. You might also find clip-on sunglasses that have magnetic attachments that will allow the wearer to attach them to the temples.

These come in different colors and sizes. There’s even a certain style that can be cut to size. With its lenses made out of flexible but durable plastic, all you have to do is clip it to your frame then cut the excess with some scissors. If you have a larger budget, you can also have a pair custom made to your liking.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing clip on sunglasses is the UV filter. With the main purpose being eye protection from the sun, you want your clip on sunglasses to have ample UV protection. Be careful, as there are counterfeit lenses that don’t have this coating. Being tinted and being UV-coated are two completely different things.

If you are new to clip-ons, know that there are three basic types that you can choose from. Standard clip on sunglasses are those that are clipped to the bridge area of your frame. Here, you can expect the clip to be rubber-coated. This will protect your prescription frame from scratches and other types of damage especially if you’re working with a metal frame.

And then you have the flips. Flips are clipped to the bridge but have a hinge that will allow you to flip your clip on sunglasses up or down. If you want to switch from sunglass to prescription mode, and vice versa, all you have to do is raise the clip-on or set it back down. These have been designed to not need constant removal.

Finally, there is the magnetic clip on sunglasses. A small magnet can be found on both ends of the lens. All you have to do is stick it onto the frame. Without any clip, your clip on sunglasses won’t be as noticeable. It will seem as if you’re wearing standard shades. These clip-ons though can only be used on metal frames.