How To Choose The Perfect Sunglasses For Men

Buying sunglasses is a high-stakes decision. Like hats, they can help make you look great by accenting and emphasizing the natural symmetry of your face or highlight your absolute worst traits. Detecting the right pair matters because, for better or worse, shades are impossible to ignore.

The most common blunder people make when shopping for sunglasses is rushing it. With so many styles, cuts, and materials on the market today, it's like to shopping for jeans. It comes down to trying on a lot of pairs until you figure out what works for you. You need to step outside your comfort zone and have fun with it. This article will guide you through the selection steps and give you information on the different styles that are available.


“Unless you’re Joey Essex or a teenager at a rave, steer clear of anything harshly fluorescent,” adds Maul. Instead, if you want to come away from traditional colourways, look to more muted hues such as burgundy, emerald and caramel, which will transition from work to play seamlessly.

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