Cat Eye Sunglasses


Sunglasses are some of the world’s most popular and affordable accessories. With countless styles and varying price points, anyone interested in wearing a pair of these will not find it difficult to find the perfect eyewear. Some of the most popular kinds of eyewear are cat eye sunglasses. Starting out with the female market in mind, these days you’ll actually see some men wearing these iconic sunglasses too.

Especially for those who are serious about fashion, these frames are somewhat indispensable. Constantly worn by celebrities, this style of eyewear actually rose to fame after having been regularly sported by the famous Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn. She wore the iconic eyewear in her timeless movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It has since been one of the styles of choice during the fifties and sixties.

Born from round sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses are usually made with thick rims. You’ll also find frames which are made out of metal, plastic is the more ideal option for manufacturers as these can be formed into the right shape with much ease compared to the former. The cat eyes are made by creating a pointed edge on the outer part of the top frame. As for the temples, they are commonly attached to where the tips are.

As time progressed, more specifically during the seventies to the nineties, cat eye sunglasses took a step backward and other sunglass styles rose to fame. From oversized eyewear to sleek and sporty sunglasses, regular folk chose to go with more modern designs but cat eye frames did not lose their appeal as there were still a number of celebrities that chose to wear them over the newer alternatives.

Sunglasses rose to fame when they were created for the military to use but the idea soon caught on and non-soldiers started using them to protect their eyes from the sun. But fashion icons and celebrities turned sunglasses into an everyday accessory to complement their outfits. In fact, cat eye sunglasses began this trend. If it didn’t become as popular with the masses, the industry wouldn’t have thrived and other styles of frames might not have been created.

The natural eyes of cats offer a sense of mystery and elegance and this is the same impression that cat eye frames want to replicate. Black remains to be the most popular color for these kinds of eyewear but these days, people can easily purchase them in a wide array of colors. Because of this, wearers of cat eye frames can pair these with almost any style of clothing; even those used for sport.

Just like other types of frames, there are specific facial shapes that accommodate traditional cat eye frames better than others. If you have a heart-shaped face or one that is triangular then these would look great on you. There are other cat eye frames, those that are larger, that can accommodate other facial shapes.

If you are interested in getting some cat eye sunglasses for yourself, do know that there are plenty of retail outlets that carry them. Most of the time, the best stocks can be found in dedicated optical stores but you might find a pair or two in clothing outlets. If you want the cat eye styles that rose to fame during the sixties then your best bet would be an vintage or secondhand shop. When it comes to the latter, you’ll be lucky to find a pair that is unlike their modern counterparts.

Sport a pair of these glasses and you’ll also be able to take advantage of the UV protection that their lenses offer. And aside from getting protection from your eyes, you can also have the sunglasses customized if you have a prescription for your eyes. Lenses can easily be changed to carry a grade and you can have them tinted as well so replacing the lenses won’t be much of a hassle.

Cat eye sunglasses can offer more than just adequate protection for the eyes from the sun. It can easily complement your look and give your everyday outfits a touch of interest. Given its distinct shape, it would be best to fit the sunglasses before buying a pair. And as always, if you don’t feel comfortable with a certain style or size, remember that you always have other options available for your perusal. - Hundreds of styles at 90% OFF. Only 7 Days Special Warehouse Sale!