Can Men Wear Green?

When the time comes to fashion, historically guys have had more limited alternatives than girls. Every year there are only ever a handful of new men's fashion tendencies that make the mainstream, resulting in dudes essentially wearing the same thing year after year. But for guys looking to invest in something new this fall, there's a trend going down the runways that's easy to pull off and it works on men and boys of all sizes and ages -- wear green.

Green can be a tough color to wear. But you shouldn't be afraid of it. On most guys, it can be a nice, flattering change from the flow of white shirts and blue shirts. So, in honor of the winter months and the holiday season (warmer months are all about lightening up your coloring palettes), the following articles explains why green is an underrated color that men should try and fit into their clothing rotation.

2. Don’t Shy Away From Fabrics

In terms of fabrics, you can wear green in worsted, flannel, frescos or even seersucker. It’s a broad color range that you don’t have to shy away from anything. Of course the darker the green is, the more formal it is. It could be a good substitute for a dark brown suit because it has the same level of formality so it’s not overly formal but definitely more formal than sport coat combination.

3. Pants Looks Good In Green

The other wardrobe element that looks really good in green is pants particularly corduroy pants or moleskin pants. They’re perfect for cold fall-winter days and I just like them because they are different and I can combine them in an interesting way. For example with brown jackets, I don’t have to wear a brown or blue pair of corduroys. I can wear dark olive green pants but most people wouldn’t necessarily recognize them as such in the evenings. You can also go with lighter shades or brighter shades but typically these are things you would wear in the summer or in spring. So having a pair of bright green chinos or a light green and white seersucker these are very much suited for spring summer climates or warmer climates in general.

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