Buying a pair of sunglasses online

Buying a pair of sunglasses online is a daunting task even though we love products delivered to our doors.  Normally when you purchase sunglasses you get to feel them and try them on.  When you order online this is not possible.  This article from Red Carpet Eyewear gives great advice when purchasing your shades online.

You're the hardest type to shop for, especially online. Lucky you! You could go through the steps of an "I Like Everything" shopper to find your perfect pair of sunnies, but you're probably going to fall back on your favorite adage: Ain't nobody got time for that.
Your best way to shop for sunglasses online:
Here's a style secret for you no-fuss ladies: aviators and wayfarers look good on everyone. That's why they are classics that never go out of style. Keeping it simple? Find a pair of basic aviators or wayfarers and you're good to go. Feel a little trendy? Choose a mirrored pair of modified aviators, or an oversized wayfarer in a pop of color. As long as they're not too big or too small, you're going to look fab.
There you have it. Finding a great pair of sunglasses online isn't really as hard as it seems. Are you ready to give it a try? We've got some gorgeous sunnies waiting for you in the shop.
And if, after everything, you still end up with a pair you don't love? Our Look Amazing Guarantee lets you send them back within two weeks, on us, for a full refund.


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