Right Frame Style For Your Blue Sunglasses

Blue Sunglasses

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Was there a time when you dreamed of donning your first pair of blue sunglasses? Sunglasses come in different colors, styles, and with varying lenses. And the color blue is one of the most popular options for frames may it be metal or plastic.

You can find blue sunglasses in darker navy shades and lighter pastel-type hues as well. And whatever shade of blue it is that you choose, the sunglasses will surely look amazing on your face.

In the sun-glass game, it is not just about choosing the right color to complement your look. When selecting from a wide variety of fashionable blue sunglasses, you have to spend time looking for the perfect frame style.

Not every style of frame fits all faces equally. This is why it is recommended that you fit more than one pair when you do your shopping. This will ensure that you land yourself the perfect pair of blue sunglasses that will garner positive recognition from those who see it.

Before you think about face types, think about contrast and proportion. Basically, you want the kind of frame that will serve as a contrast to the shape of your face. For example, if your face is rounder then go for frames with angles and clean edges.

You also want the kind of blue sunglasses that are proportional to your face. This means not donning a pair that is either too large or too small. Most of the time, something that looks good on display won’t look the same way once you wear it so fit, fit, and fit.

Let’s now talk about facial types. There are six kinds that you should be mindful of. Doing so will help you out when you shop for blue sunglasses. The first one is the heart shape. For this, rimless frames and aviator-style sunglasses work best.

Heart-shaped faces come with larger foreheads and a narrow jaw line. Also expect a pointy chin on most occasions. The styles previously mentioned balances out the face making it look less heavy on the upper portion.

And then there’s the square shape that is angular and comes with a stronger jaw line. In this case, the perfect frames for blue sunglasses would be the oval and rounded ones as they balance the face and lengthen it too.

Taller frames and blue sunglasses with decorative temples work well for people with narrower faces. By taking more room on the face when worn, the length of the face is shortened and the features are able to stand out.

For round faces, square or rectangular frames will work well. These will elongate the face and the eyes won’t appear to be so close together. The same goes for those with oval faces.

And finally, for those with a trapezoidal facial type, cat eyes and half-rimmed blue sunglasses will do the job by balancing the jaw line as they bring more attention to the upper portion of the face.

Anyone can wear blue sunglasses. Just make sure that the frame suits your face and you’ll be good to go.

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