Aviator Sunglasses For Men

Aviator Sunglasses For Men

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If you’re interested in something classic to protect your eyes with, you won’t go wrong with aviator sunglasses for men. Originally created in America for military pilots back during the 30s, aviator sunglasses for men have grown to become some of the most popular eyewear styles for men and women.

Their original purpose was to make it easy for pilots to manage their control panels without having to expose their eyes to direct sunlight. This is why the lenses used in aviator sunglasses for men are slightly larger compared to your typical pair of shades. Aside from this, the sunglasses also did a great job in keeping sweat away from the pilot’s eyes.

Currently, women are also using aviator sunglasses for men. Some use these in the field while others don them to make a strong fashion statement. There are different types of aviators that you can choose from. It would be ideal for you to try them on before purchasing any pair as the shape of your face can make a huge difference in the way the sunglasses look when worn.

One of the popular aviator sunglasses for men comes in the teardrop shape. What you have here is a style that provides the most coverage for your eyes. If you plan to use your shades for fieldwork, then you have a winner right here. Just be careful though as this shape can easily make your face appear longer.

And then you have aviator sunglasses for men in a sportier shape. This style has distinct squared edges and wider lenses. The design makes them stick to your face better as they wrap around your face from ear to ear. Even if you engage in sports that involve plenty of actions, they won’t fall off just like that.

Aviator sunglasses for men can also be made from different materials. You’ll find some in plastic while others have metal frames. But if you want something classic, choose a pair with a silver or brass frame. If you can find some, go with aviators that have old-school glass lenses. They’re a bit heavier but have a stronger appeal. These can take a beating for sure.

If you’re interested in a more affordable option or something just to mix and match your clothes with then plastic aviator sunglasses for men will do the trick. Usually, plastic frames come in a little thicker but the lenses are thinner and lighter. Just be careful though as these aren’t as durable as their metal-framed counterparts.

If you can’t decide on plastic or metal, go with aviators that have been fabricated using mixed material. What you get here is a frame that combines both plastic and metal elements. Usually the temples are made of metal and the front frame, plastic.

Depending on where you purchase your sunglasses, you can also find the lenses in different colors. Dark green is the most popular option as these were the original lenses used during the birth of aviators. You’ll also find some with mirrored lenses, which work perfectly well in combating glare.

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