Cheap Sunglasses Offer Stylish Protection

Cheap sunglasses

Sunglasses are considered as the most important accessory that helps in protecting your eyes from the sun rays as it emits harmful UV rays that might damage the eyes. Therefore, using the best sunglasses is very important as it will protect the eyes from getting damaged by the sun rays and therefore you will need to look for cheap sunglasses that will serve the purpose of eye protection. There are different styles, designs, shapes, and sizes of sunglasses that are available in the market but you will need to look for the one that will suit your face and overall look. Cheap sunglasses will help you to look classy, elegant and sophisticated as there are a large number of brands that are offering sunglasses at a lower price so that you can save a considerable amount of money. Moreover, getting these stylish accessories at a lower price makes it affordable […] Read more »

How cool are you? Personality quiz | Ben Ambridge

Whether you are the rough and rebellious type or the charismatic thrill-seeking sort, this short test will reveal what sort of cool you are, says Ben Ambridge Are you as cool as a cucumber? Or as naff as a 40-year-old using slang from the 1990s? To find out, simply tick off each of the personality traits you think you possess on each of the lists below. List A Thrill-seeking; unconventional; hedonistic (eg partying, self-indulgence); pro-social values (eg caring, unselfish); driven for success; friendly; competent; charismatic; attractive; confident; trendy; warm. List BRebellious; ironic; rough; aloof; anti-social values (eg selfish). So, are you cool?And, if so, what type of cool? If you ticked mostly traits on List A, then you have what coolness researchers, for example Professor Ilan Dar-Nimrod of the University of Rochester, New York, call cachet-cool. This is the type of cool enjoyed by the popular, conventionally attractive kids. If […] Read more »

Is AR eyewear ready for consumers? Are consumers ready for AR eyewear?

Ari GrobmanContributor Ari Grobman is CEO of Lumus. Augmented reality marked a major milestone this year. For the first time two technology titans revealed their intentions to bring AR to the mass consumer market — via mobile devices. Apple announced the release of its new ARKit in June, soon followed by the debut of Google’s ARCore in August, and their respective developers immediately set to work creating new consumer-oriented AR games and apps. It’s too early to know what the new ecosystem of software and hardware designed to provide AR experiences will evolve into in the future, but it’s safe to predict that AR headsets will be part of the picture. So why is AR suddenly ready for mass consumption? And why aren’t we leaping (magically!) into AR glasses? The answers are simple enough: Technology takes time to develop, and users need time to adapt.With any disruptive technology, the classic adoption curve usually holds […] Read more »

Edward Enninful addresses diversity debate with first cover for British Vogue

Politics and culture push fashion world aside, with mixed-race model and feminist activist Adwoa Aboah as cover star The first Vogue cover produced under Edward Enninful has been released, signalling the new editors mission to make political statements, not just fashion ones. The coverlines make no mention of trends, It bags or new mascaras. Instead there is a list of power players in politics and the arts, including Sadiq Khan, Skepta, Steve McQueen and Zadie Smith. These names diverse in age as well as ethnicity - outnumber the more familiar fashion names of Kate Moss, Christopher Bailey, Naomi Campbell and Cara Delevingne. The cover star is the mixed-race British model and feminist activist Adwoa Aboah, who helms the online platform Gurls Talk, sending a clear message that Enninful intends to engage in the conversation about diversity which has sprung up in the wake of his appointment. The choice of a […] Read more »

Naomi Campbell: People try to use your past to blackmail you. I wont allow it

Late and distracted by her phone, the model soon transforms from hauteur to warmth. She discusses racism, Vogue, stereotypes of black women and how, at 47, shes finally become comfortable in her own skin At a big and ritzy Halloween party in New York two Saturdays ago, a lot of highly famous people dressed up as other highly famous people. Naomi Campbell, however, went as herself. Why deign to masquerade as some lesser being when you are already an internationally acknowledged apogee of fabulousness? In a gold strapless mini dress and a crown bigger than the one Beyonc wore at the Grammys, the 47-year-old supermodel was approached by more than one party guest who had come in costume as Naomi Campbell. A real-life Naomi: Campbell at Halloween party in New York, October 2017. Photograph: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Moet Hennessy When we meet, Halloween itself, we are in the restaurant […] Read more »

The internet has big plans for this chill surfer baby

Take a look at this baby chilling with his arms behind his head on a tiny surfboard, with little knitted shorts and sunglasses. That is an unmistakably fresh baby.  Image: via reddit/whatsmyname2u You have to admire the relaxed baby lifestyle. The internet, likely envious of this baby's unfazed demeanor, decided to Photoshop him into scenarios more suited to his vibe. SEE ALSO: Photographer makes nostalgia real by Photoshopping his present self into his childhood pictures Some people thought it would be a good idea to add a mini six-pack and some chest hair. Very Baywatch, baby. Image: via Reddit / mandal0re The baby also needed a beard and some arm pit hair. Image: via reddit / Mandal0re The cozy baby just became a pretentious Abercrombie and Fitch model.  Image: via reddit / i_am_a_bot_ama Someone decided to cast the baby for The Little Mermaid sequel. Image: via reddit / MrDildoDoodler Ashad Khaled isn't […] Read more »

The fashion industry said my dreadlocks would stop me working. They were wrong

Theres a lot of politics tied up in black hair, says Miu Miu model Adesuwa Aighewi, but nothing should stop self-expression When I got my hair dreadlocked ahead of New York fashion week, I had some pushback from people in the industry worried that I wouldnt get jobs the suggestion was that I might look too black. But I enjoy being different and standing out so I decided to keep them and take my chances. Two days later, my agents in New York called to say Coach had cast me to open their spring/summer 2018 show at New York. I couldnt believe it Ive walked in other shows in the past, but this was a career-changer. I went on to walk for Miu Miu in Paris and Bottega Veneta in Milan, which is a classic Italian brand not known for using edgy models. I was thrilled a girl with dreads […] Read more »

Sunglasses Available Fall 2017

Fall Sunglasses

Fall is here and what sunglasses have you looked at to buy?  Let EyeStyle Blog guide you on what is available this fall and winter from their favorites designers.     The collection: A modern classic, the Super Giorno is a geometric silhouette with semi-squared lenses softened by flared temple tips and carefully curved brow arches. Available in all black, as well as the more commanding larger sized Francis “Double Gold” adaptation.  Shop:Super Giorno Black Sunglasses >>Super Giorno Francis Double Gold Large Sunglasses >> Super’s Eddie sunglasses features an elegant aesthetic flair with subtle nuances. A timeless design crafted out of a thick slab of acetate. It juxtaposes softened rounded lenses, with squared hinges and gold metalwork.  Shop:Super Eddie Black Sunglasses >>Super Eddie Classic Havana Sunglasses >> Super’s Strada and Era are two innovative new models that reproduces the metal and acetate structure of traditional eyewear with an all-lens layered framework.  […] Read more »

Rihanna Is An Actual Queen For TWO Covers Of Vogue Arabia!

Wearing a Gucci trench coat, the 29-year-old was serving up a modern homage to Egyptian Queen Nefertiti! She's so fierce! A second front page was also revealed, showing RiRi in a ruffled top while her crown sits on her flawlessly-styled tresses. You can check out both covers and her spread (below):   Read more »

Rita Ora on breakups and burnout: There were helicopters. I woke up in hospital

A legal tangle with Jay-Z couldnt stop the former child refugee from earning millions as a singer, actor and presenter but exhaustion did. She discusses how hard it is to have it all, and why she worked with the notorious Terry Richardson My meltdown was when I was 25, Rita Ora declares. Do you want a sandwich? We are a mere two minutes into a conversation in a portable cabin near a sound stage in Acton, west London, five minutes walk from the real-life Apprentice Cafe Of Doom. Rita is shooting a promo clip, involving a cast of dozens and a stint in a red Ferrari, for her forthcoming presenting gig at the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs), and somehow we have gone from discussing the ads storyboard, to the topic of whether or not autumn is the best season, to Ritas birthday being in November, which leads her to […] Read more »